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Build-n-Earn Program

Earn Rewards by Making Your DApps Superior

Matic Build-n-Earn is a “monthly recurring” incentive program for developers and teams that need a reliable, predictable source of cash flow during their development and maintenance of the application lifecycle before they actually breakout to their next level of growth stage.

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Build or integrate your DApp on Matic

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Connect with the Matic team & other developers building on Matic

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Apply for Matic Build-n-Earn Program for technical, business & investment support

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$50,000 pool per month to help you build your DApp

Among other benefits, Build-n-Earn Program gives you the opportunity to receive a monthly funding allocation, determined via Gitcoin community-led voting process utilizing the CLR mechanism for allocating funds.

$50,000 monthly funding allocation $50,000 monthly funding allocation from Matic Foundation
Dedicated technology support Dedicated technology support
Comprehensive marketing & business model support Comprehensive marketing & business model support
Valuable user feedback to enhance marketability Valuable user feedback to enhance marketability

Applications utilizing Matic Layer 2 side chains for their scalability

Matic Build-n-Earn applies to any DApp on Matic. If your DApp is currently on Ethereum or any other blockchain and you want to migrate to Matic’s high-performance, low-fee infrastructure, you are eligible to apply for the Matic Build-n-Earn program

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DApp on Matic

DApp on Matic

DApps already on Matic are automatically eligible to apply

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DApp on Ethereum

DApp on Ethereum

DApps on Ethereum can seamlessly add Matic within 30 minutes

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DApp on other blockchain

DApp on other blockchain

We provide assistance for hassle-free migration from other blockchains

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Frequently asked questions

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9. What is a qualified DApp?

10. How can I develop/migrate my DApp on/to Matic?

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12. I have a DApp built on Matic, what should I do?

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16. How long will the program last?

17. Who is responsible for Build-n-Earn?