Matic helps applications scale by enabling faster and cheaper transcations for their users.

Pocket Full of Quarters

Pocketful of Quarters is the universal cryptocurrency for games! The Quarters team will be using Matic Network to ensure instant and low-fee transactions in-games that use the Quarters token.


Plentix is a decentralized platform aiming to transform the referral economy. The Plentix team will be using Matic Network to ensure prompt referral payouts on their platform.


BankIT plans to store fiat transactions of their banking network on the blockchain, to provide immutable proof of transactions. Matic Network was chosen because of our awesome scalability features.


CryptoControl is a crypto news, data aggregator and trading platform used by top crypto traders and investors. CryptoControl will use Matic Network to help provide traders with faster settlements at lower rates.

Platform Partners


Maker Dao is the entity behind the stablecoin DAI. MOU Signed for enabling DAI as the first stablecoin on Matic Network. Currently exploring joint funding of a team to develop a venmo style app based on DAi and Matic network.


USDC is a dollar denominated stablecoin. Matic will be integrating USDC on its side chains as an option to pay for network transaction fees.


Coral is a decentralized protocol that protects consumers from blockchain fraud and brings peace of mind to blockchain transactions.The plan is to integrate Coral with Matic Network so that we can flag questionable addresses before a transaction takes place.

Ripio Credit Network

Ripio is a decentralized global peer to peer credit network. Ripio & Matic will work together to help realize micro loans and faster plasma exits by leveraging Matic’s side-chains. This will be made possible by the extremely cheap transaction costs and NFT PoS features offered by Matic.

Want to build with Matic

For Developers building Dapps and looking for a scaling solution, do get in touch with us. We can help you not only achieve scale but also provide the best UI/UX to your users.