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Build with Matic

Matic Sidechains are public sidechains and are EVM compatible. No hassle of running your own DApp chain. Just port your code from Ethereum and get started with deploying your application within minutes

Why build on Matic ?

We’ve designed the network to make it easy for developers to build on Matic.

Low cost

Transactions on Matic sidechains cost a 1/100th of the fees as compared to Ethereum

EVM compatible

Matic sidechains are EVM based sidechains. Use the same developer tools as on Ethereum and deploy faster.

Fast ~1s block times

The sidechains offer ~1 second blocks for enabling real world use cases

Developer Support Program

Get grants to build on Matic alongside Marketing and Fundraising support

Tools that come with Matic Ecosystem

Matic SDK

Matic SDK makes it easy for developers to interact with components of Matic Network

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Block Explorer

Easiest way to explore the Matic sidechain

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Validator Monitoring

Easily evaluate node status and staking rewards

Coming Soon

Network Monitoring tools

Advanced analytics on the network data

Coming Soon